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Oh my fucking god you and your friends are the best

We have a lot of fun, we all mostly have the same OTPs (they all know about shipping by now so we discuss it like it’s a normal, real-life thing) so watching this show together is like a shared torture followed by group therapy on a weekly basis.

We actually started the show with a drinking game… the idea was to drink whenever one of your OTPs was onscreen, but then we started drinking to BroTPs, and by the time we celebrated our shared OTPs of Lip/his Diploma and Beto/screentime, we decided it was time to stop before something went very wrong.

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who the fuck, excuse my language, is silverjimmy? :D

Haha don’t be jealous, Ava darling…

You may not have been top of the class for the month of June, but you are STILL my Alpha!

[but really though flawless blog is fucking FLAWLESS and if you are not already following, you should be…]

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more like “scott what is your hair/outfit”. he looks like an extra on mad men.

well I just watched the first two episodes so thank you very much for that.

You’re welcome.

What did you think?

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i’m laughing because you used my shaky picture of the subtitles

Haha it’s only fair that we share the pain you caused me with that.

katie you asshole why would you post that


Hahahah klasjdlkjsldjkaflsdfk I love you

I know. I KNOW.

all the shameless blogs are turning into teen wolf blogs, so don’t feel bad. (maybe I should just watch teen wolf??)

I would recommend this show to anyone, really! I was sure I wouldn’t like it, but I’ve fallen in love! It’s a good way to keep entertained until Season 3 starts up. I really think we mostly have Ava to blame for the Teen Wolf epidemic hitting the Shameless fandom… that girl is relentless.

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microdermals man. weird shit happens.

I guess so.

Now I have to decide whether I want to take the other one out, or try to re-pierce the one that fell out. They were a matching set on the small of my back. Now it just looks weird!

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SO GLAD YOU’RE BACK. and it seems like some of us are exploding with shameless feels tonight so~~

Yes. Yes, GOOD. I was really hoping for this!

Who wants to talk about this?

I swear to god every time you guys do this I’m too stoned out of my gourd somewhere to even contemplate tumblr.

It’s so much fun, but with seven months still to go until Shameless is back on the air, it’s so rare these days!

I hope you’re around to have feels with us next time!


If for no other reason, do it for those two!

I remember being so in love with UK Kev and Veronica (Veronica especially!) that I just couldn’t imagine ever loving the US version of the two. Of course, I was quickly proven wrong :)

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Yes you have! xD and yeah, I figured I’d miss a lot…sigh. Does season three get better? I don’t know what it was about season 2, but it just dragged for me. Season one went so fast my head spun.

I’ll be honest, I liked Series 3! Of course, I remember that you’re not a big Marty fan, which may not help matters! I watched the first six seasons in a very short amount of time, but as much as I LOVED the original cast and the feel of the show at the beginning, I actually remember Series 4-7 being my favorites. It may just have to do with the fact that I really grew to love the Maguires!

I never, EVER suggest this, but Shameless UK is a long-running show and, if series 3 drags on for you so much that you feel entirely disinterested, maybe skip ahead to the first few episodes of Series 4? It won’t be super detrimental, and the Shameless Episodes Wikipedia Page can probably fill you in on anything you need to know. I do suggest that you try sticking it out through Series 3… it’s only eight episodes long, and there are a lot of good plotlines (especially for Kev & Veronica, and Sheila!) plus you are introduced to at least one character who is very important to the rest show!

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can I just skip ahead in uk shameless to the mickey storyline? would I really miss a lot? I’m on the last episode of series 2, but it’s been like crawling through frozen molasses to get here.

You would definitely miss a lot, but I think you could still mostly follow the main plot of the story! If I remember correctly, the Maguire Boys show up in the first episode of Series 4, but Mickey himself doesn’t immediately start out as such a big character.

This is a really strange transition time for the show… I honestly loved it from the first episode on, but once the Maguires become a huge part of the entire show, it changes in a lot of ways. A lot of fans didn’t like that. However, I always considered the fact that many of the characters we met as children (Debbie and Carl, especially!) are growing up at that point and really coming into their own, so some changes to the show were necessary anyway!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned to you before that Mickey Maguire is my absolute favorite thing about Shameless UK?